"I have worked with Gina in a hockeycamp. The way she leads a group, works with the players and the passion she has inspired me to try Pilates as well. And wooooow you wouldn´t believe how impressed I was, I felt muscles which I didn´t know they excist. Luckily I wasn´t the only one feeling that way, all of our players, coaches were highly impressed. At the end of the week everybody felt stronger and more mobile. I am convinced that Gina can help every athlete/team to take the next step, it doesn´t matter if 
it´s in regeneration, stability or injury prevention. All I can say is HIRE Gina and see it yourself!"


- Mauro Lorenz former Pro Hockey Player (SUI, 21) -



"Zuerst konnte ich mit Pilates nicht viel anfangen, doch schon die erste Trainingsstunde mit Gina hat mich positiv überrascht. Ich habe direkt ein besseres Körpergefühl verspürt und war davon begeistert. Ich probiere Pilates in mein wöchentliches Training einzubauen um dieses Gefühl weiterzuentwickeln und auf dem Fussballplatz davon zu profitieren."


- Marcus Mlynikowski Pro Soccer Player (GER, 25) - 


"Ich war am Anfang skeptisch, da ich Pilates vorher nicht kannte. Merkte jedoch schnell, dass durch Pilates mein Körper belastbarer wurde und meine jährlichen Leistenprobleme komplett verschwanden. Ich trainiere nun fast täglich mit Gina wodurch sich mein Körperbewusstsein, sowie meine Stabilität auf dem Eis sich deutlich gesteigert hat."


- Feodor Boiarchinov Pro Hockey Player DEL 2 (GER, 25) -



"I have worked with Gina for the whole season. We have been working in improving my core strengthen and mobility skills. It helps feel me to be stronger, faster and I got better balance on the ice. It has also helped me prevent injuries."


- Anders Eriksson Pro Hockey Player DEL 2 (SWE, 33) -

"I feel fortunate seeing firsthand how Gina and Pilates have helped the players in my team physically and mentally. In Pilates, you must pay attention on doing the exercises technically right and at same time you need to focus on your breathing. 


Were the players prejudiced before they started their first Pilates session? Naturally. “Hey coach, It’s women’s stuff” 

Quickly they realized how challenging, even tough, Pilates were on them. Time after time prejudice disappeared when the benefits of Pilates started to payoff and quick results were evident fast.


Likewise, Gina’s gentle but also relentless and demanding attitude helped the players trust her more, especially before the players really got to know Gina better.


Before l was introduced to Pilates I had some concerns, “Not anymore.” I can honestly recommend Pilates to hockey teams, from junior teams up to pro teams."



- Hannu Järvenpää (Head coach Shekesfehervar / EBEL) - 












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